Information about the development of the website

Basics of the development:

This site is currently a one-man show. If possible, I would like to finance this site through advertising. About donations via PayPal, I would be very happy to keep the page as much ad-free as possible.

News about the development status and upcoming features:

Planned (order open):
- Further indicators
- More current market prices for futures
- Tool for creating own formulas and indicators.
- Charts scroll and zoomable
- Account system and / or cookies for saving settings and favorites. Maybe with premium accounts that contain additional features. This depends heavily on future revenues through advertising.
- Own favorites for users. The favorites are currently a fixed list which roughly corresponds to the most popular values.

Errors in the web application:

Is there an error? Then please contact me by e-mail:

Feature suggestions from users:

If you have suggestions for extensions of the website or if you are missing something to evaluate, feel free to contact me at: